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21 August 2007 @ 09:24 pm
Title: Chapter six:"The singing sea"
Genre:pure marshmallows for your soul. I translate:this is pure fluff. I'm afraid I have to revise this judgement.Angst and tears are on their way
Can love be lost in translation?Read to find out!
I decided to post it today to celebrate Kibum's birthday!Happy birthday Kibum-shi!!This chapter has a lot of Kibum's goodness lol
And if I can allow me an itsy bitsy tiny rant(but it's my LJ after all^^): No on ever comments this fic and I think it's a pity. Not because I think I'm an amazing writer, far from it really, but when you write, you don't write for yourself. Good or bad comments, I take them all because they help me improve. I don't really like the feeling of speaking in the desert...
This fic will be a classic when I'll be dead !!*sulk in a corner*

Chapter one
chapter two part one part two
chapter three

Cruel summer (part two) )




      The unceasing flow of tears had brought Ju-Ri to sleep, whereas Scilia had been unable to close her eyes. The events of the evening had been too disturbing: meeting the Super Junior members and witnessing that strange scene between her roommate and Heechul…  She really wanted the Korean girl to open up and let go of the pain, but it was something she couldn’t force, she would have to wait for her to be ready. This incident had made her realize how much she cared about her. She didn’t know the details of the whole affair but she was sure that she didn’t deserve to endure so much suffering alone.

The next morning found the two girls in a rather pitiable state, but apparently, it only took Ju-Ri a shower to come back to her usual cheerful state. She didn’t mention what happened the previous night and suggested a bicycle visit of the island, which was warmly welcomed by her roommate. Mrs Shim gave them the authorization to take from the kitchens everything they needed to make packed lunches and they started they journey. Scilia had no idea how beautiful Jeju-do was: they visited Cheonjaeyeon and Cheonjiyeon waterfalls (“Oh Scilia, don’t you think waterfalls are awfully romantic places?!” had erupted a mesmerized Ju-Ri) along with Hyeobje cave (« uh, scary place » had thought Scilia). They even caught a glimpse of Halla-san, a volcano which was1950 metres high and thus the highest mountain in South Korea. They ate the kimbaps they had prepared earlier on the beach, chatting and laughing at the top of their lungs, Ju-Ri even making some witty remarks about the swimmers. They sensed they had really needed this: being carefree about what yesterday had brought and what tomorrow may bring. They had decided to shut the world down: what mattered now were the other’s presence, the splendid landscape and the precious memories they were making, nothing else.



     It was another hard day of work for the Super Junior members: they had to film their new MV “Bliss” along with the summer show for KM TV in the gigantic swimming-pool located in the resort. Kibum didn’t mind the workload; he was happy to be with the other boys. The filming of his previous winter drama “snow cakes” had  somehow brought him apart from the rest of the group and the opportunities for them to be together had been rather scarce. Yes, Kibum was happy, watching the other members frolicking in the water in bright swimming trunks, but nevertheless, he couldn’t help but feeling slightly uncomfortable around Hankyung. He had noticed how the Chinese boy had greeted Scilia the previous evening at the party whereas he was himself too stunned to see her there to gather himself and make a move. It had seemed so natural for Hankyung to acknowledge her presence and to show her, and incidentally, to all the people gathered in the room, how glad he was to see her…it didn’t matter for him that they were celebrities whom all moves were analyzed, Hankyung was just genuinely pleased to see her neighbour and showing it was not an issue for him. Kibum envied that part in Hankyung; how he wasn’t afraid of displaying his feelings; doing thing without having second thoughts. Kibum knew he couldn’t be like that: warm, straightforward and carefree. The truth was, he was envious of the Chinese boy: he too had wanted to be able to greet Scilia warmly, to tell her it was such a nice surprise to see her. He, too, wanted to show her his smile, not the one he displayed on TV shows, dramas and photo shoots, but his real, sincere smile, the smile of the child who was hidden somewhere, deep inside him; and yet, sometimes, he wondered if that child hadn’t died a long time ago… But wait, why on earth did he wish to do that? Kibum brushed the disturbing idea off while he was trying to focus on the dance routine they were rehearsing in the swimming-pool.


The bicycle trip around Jeju-do had considerably exhausted the two girls. Back to the hotel, Ju-Ri announced she was going to take a nap before dinner, so Scilia decided to look around the resort since she didn’t get the occasion to visit its equipments since their arrival. She met a delighted Mrs Shim in the lobby:

“-Oh Scilia, dear, did you have a nice day? How did you find Jeju, isn’t it beautiful?”

“- It was wonderful Mrs Shim. Truly, this is an amazing place.”

Ju-Ri’s aunt grinned broadly: “Good to hear, I’m so glad you are enjoying your vacation! So what did you plan to do right now?” Scilia explained her plans to Mrs Shim and a glint of mischievousness suddenly appeared in the middle-aged woman eyes: “I suggest you go to our swimming-pool, I think you’ll appreciate what you’ll see there. I have to go dear, see you later!” and on these mysterious words Mrs Shim left. Scilia wondered about her idea while her path unconsciously led her to the place when she had caught her roommate the previous evening. She was welcomed by the sound of an upbeat music and she could see, moving in perfect harmony in front of the swimming-pool, the thirteen Super Junior members in swimming trunks. They were in the midst of filming their MV “Bliss” and were shooting their dazzling trademark smiles to the cameras. Scilia gasped at the sight: she wasn’t the kind of favouring looks over wits and minds, but she had to confess the boys were simply gorgeous. They were dancing in rhythm, water drops glistening on their bodies in the sunlight and Scilia noticed how well built their bodies were. She was watching the scene as in slow motion and when the music stopped, she had the impression she had just been dreaming. The crew told the boys that everything was ok and that they were done for today and the Super Junior members were given full license to use the swimming-pool for their own amusement. They were soon all jumping in the water, enjoying themselves like children. The scene brought a smile to Scilia: there was something so refreshing to see these boys laughing and acting silly. She left the place, grinning to herself.


     Kibum really couldn’t sleep that night. He was so exhausted but still, sleep was failing him, whereas Donghae with whom he shared the room was snoring peacefully, a beatific smile on his face. “He is probably dreaming about all the mischief he has done today” thought Kibum. The young boy thus decided to sneak outside the hotel, careful not to wake his roommate. His path led him to the near beach and he sat there on the sand, watching the moon reflecting on the sea, making it shimmer and glimmer as though it was the most precious jewel in the world. Kibum felt himself getting drowned in a wave of melancholy. Just like in the airport a month ago, he was overwhelmed by the urgent desire of leaving for a far away place, he wanted to dive and swim as far as he could go without looking back, he wanted to reach for the moon who was taunting him in the sea. He couldn’t understand how he was always surrounded by so many people and still feeling alone. He knew the Super Junior members loved him, and he loved them like brothers, but there was like a barrier around his heart, an invisible frontier that no one has managed to cross yet. In a way, his heart was still a virgin territory, waiting to be explored by someone who wouldn’t be afraid to cross the border, someone Kibum wouldn’t be afraid of letting in. A shiver ran down the young boy’s spine, and as he tried to warm himself by stroking his arms, he glanced around him and realized he wasn’t alone. Few feet from him sat a young girl, her attention focused on the sheet resting on her lap. She was immersed in sketching something, her locks swaying with each movement of the pencil. Feeling a gaze on her, she raised her head and her eyes met Kibum’s, bewilderment written on her face. Much to their mutual surprise, Kibum was the first to speak:

-“The moon is so beautiful tonight.” Dammit, why did this phrase sound so cheesy? He cursed at himself for coming up with such a corny sentence, but Scilia didn’t seem to mind at all.

-“Yes, that’s true. I thought it would have been such a pity to miss this, and drawing in the moonlight is so nice.”

Kibum drew himself closer to her neighbour.

“-What are you drawing?

-A mermaid, or at least I’m trying.

-A mermaid? You mean like the drawing I saw last time?” Kibum hadn’t forgotten its power.

-“Yes, I particularly enjoy drawing them, well, along with gargoyles but that’s another story” she mumbled. She blushed, but Kibum didn’t seem to notice. He looked rather impressed.

-         “I was wondering, why mermaids? What is so fascinating about them?”

Scilia took some time to answer, the silence being filled by the smooth sounds of the waves.

-“Do you know the tale the little mermaid? I mean the original one, Andersen’s version, not  Disney’s.” Kibum shook his head. He only knew the cartoon version, and the members were huge fans of “Under the sea”.

-“I’ll tell you then. All the part about the mermaid being granted the permission by her father to catch a glimpse of the humans for her birthday is the same, along with her saving the prince from drowning and falling in love with him. Things are different when she goes to the witch and ask her to be given legs. The witch grants her wish in exchange for her beautiful voice. She warns her that if the prince doesn’t willingly give her his heart and soul, her own heart will shatter in thousand pieces, and she will be transformed in foam. The courageous mermaid accepts the conditions. She then lives with the prince, who treats her as a little sister. She can’t tell him she loves him, because the witch has kept her voice, but she is nevertheless happy. But one day, the prince meets a princess, and he thinks it’s her who had saved him previously. The little mermaid is devastated because she knows that the very day they will marry, she will die and be changed in foam. Yet, she dances gracefully at the prince’s wedding and she waits for her death. But her sisters came to save her, telling her than if she kills the prince, she will get back her fishtail and live. She just has few minutes before the sunset. The little mermaid goes to the bedroom were the newly weds sleep, but instead of murdering him, she kisses him on the forehead and throws herself in the sea, her body dissolving itself in foam. But God has pity of her: she becomes an Air Spirit with the mission of bringing human happiness and she’s granted an immortal soul.”

For a while both of them remained silent, as though they wanted to give time to the words to sink straight to their hearts.

-“I think Andersen’s version is more meaningful. It’s not the ordinary “happily ever after” love story. The little mermaid has sacrificed everything for her love: her family, her body, her voice just to be near the man she loved, even though it was one-sided. Maybe because she thought she was born to love him. In that sense, she fulfilled herself completely, even though it meant she would end up suffering. Her love is so pure and intense… To be honest, I’m a little bit envious of her. Nothing stopped her, not even the fear of death. She was just so…


Scilia looked at her neighbour, astonished. He went on:

“- She was not afraid of pain or death. She even gave her voice to the witch, just to be with him. She acted according to her heart, without having second thoughts. She was so strong. I think I’m also envious myself, I wish I could as brave as her.”

They both looked at the same direction, watching the sea intensely, as though they were waiting for the little mermaid to suddenly appear, smiling at them, dancing gracefully in the melody of the sea.

They didn’t know how long they stayed mute, lost in thoughts, but it wasn’t awkward at all for them. Scilia finally picked something out of her portfolio and held a piece of paper to Kibum:

-“I think it suits you.”

Kibum took the paper and recognized it at once: it was the drawing that had left him such a strong impression one month ago. He cast the young girl an interrogative glance. Scilia felt herself blush again

-“I…I just think it suits you. I know I sound strange, but I think there is like a connection between you and this picture. I drew it so I can tell. It’s okay if it’s you.” Was it possible to feel more embarrassed than she was feeling right now? Surely not.

-“Thank you. I gladly accept.”

And Scilia saw the most beautiful smile she had ever come across: she saw the child in Kibum smile with all his heart.





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