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Title: Missing
Pairing: Sungmin/ Shindong
Genre: angst
Rating: PG 13
Warning: none, really
Disclaimer: I know it's shocking, but suju boys are not mine
A/N: This is a songfic, inspired by the song Missing by Everything but the girl you can hear here
It's hard for me to say which came first; the song or the prompt. Anyway, it's a very personal piece, and according to the reactions and comments I get, it can be a kind of prologue for a larger story. Just tell me if you want to see the story written or not^__^
I recommend you listen to the song while reading too^^

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Title: Purloined light
Pairing: Kangin/ Siwon
Genre: angst to the core
Rating: R
Warning: strong religious references, mental troubles, not beta-ed
Disclaimer: I would love bragging and telling you that Kangin does everything I want him to do, but I'm afraid that would be a lie.
A/N: late, late request from mars_elegies who gave me that prompt to help me cure my writer's block :"Kangin is an attention-seeker, and doesn't like being ignored". To be honest Mars, I have no idea if you'll find your prompt in this improbable magma of words,I'm afraid it has turned awfully wrong on so many aspects. Don't hate me please benevolent readers^___^
While writing i was thinking of    this
So it seems I'm cured at last, but is it  good news?!

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Title: Chapter six:"The singing sea"
Genre:pure marshmallows for your soul. I translate:this is pure fluff. I'm afraid I have to revise this judgement.Angst and tears are on their way
Can love be lost in translation?Read to find out!
I decided to post it today to celebrate Kibum's birthday!Happy birthday Kibum-shi!!This chapter has a lot of Kibum's goodness lol
And if I can allow me an itsy bitsy tiny rant(but it's my LJ after all^^): No on ever comments this fic and I think it's a pity. Not because I think I'm an amazing writer, far from it really, but when you write, you don't write for yourself. Good or bad comments, I take them all because they help me improve. I don't really like the feeling of speaking in the desert...
This fic will be a classic when I'll be dead !!*sulk in a corner*

Chapter one
chapter two part one part two
chapter three



Title: Chapter four:"Cruel summer" part one
Genre:pure marshmallows for your soul. I translate:this is pure fluff. I'm afraid I have to revise this judgement.Angst and tears are on their way
Can love be lost in translation?Read to find out!

Should have posted this earlier but I've been lazy, so buy one get one free^__^

Chapter one
chapter two part one part two
chapter three

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Title: Chapter five:"Cruel summer" part two
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Title:Beyond brotherly love
Rating:PG 13
Form:one shot,Alternative Universe
Genre:Angsty romance? Hard to tell
A/N:So this is my late due fiction for the "Beyond brotherly love" prompt rainbowromance8 had given me quite some time ago. She requested Eeteuk Kangin and Ryeowook like main characters in it.Dear, I hope you'll like it, even though I'm sure I could have done a better job out of it, don't kill me^^. Please accept that humble token of my affection for you^__^

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Really I hope it didn't come out to horribly. rainbowromance8, let me know if you like it!
As usual comments are love and loved^^

Fanfiction corner: Black lust

Title: Black lust
Pairing: Guess who?
Rating: R for implied smut, I don't think it deserves a NC-17 rating....
Form: One-shot, very short
Genre: cracky smut(if such an expression exists )A/N: the concept is so not mine!My first time writing crack/humour fic I hope you'll like it^^

"You want me , don't you? I know you want me"
Yeshung silently nodded. It was useless trying to deny it, it was true. His need was almost painful. Every fibre of his body wanted it so badly. The suave, teasing little voice resumed:
"Tell me, what part of me do you like best?What do you love most in me?"
It was a hard question, really.Yeshung didn't know where to start, there were so many things...Maybe the scent: a strong, masculine smell which lingered in his nose even though they weren't in the same room, a scent he could remember even in his dream. An alluring fragrance that made him drool in anticipation, like a stimulus sent to his brain to tell him great pleasure was on its way.
"Or maybe it's just my look? I know black is your favorite and you love how this colour glistens and shines on me."
Once again it was so true, black was so SEXY. He could never get tired of admiring him, even though it was a daily sight.
But thinking about it, it wasn't the thing he liked the most. There was definitely something else, something more powerful and addictive. As if it had guessed his thoughts, the little voice said maliciously:
"You don't need to tell me, I know. I knew it all along.You like my taste, you like drowning your sensual lips deep inside me."
Yeshung gasped. Was it so obvious? Yes he liked his flavour, suave , rough and obsessing, a subtle blend of strength and softness. He liked how the contact tickled his tongue, the brief hesitation he had each time before decidedly taking him in his mouth, swallowing , savouring every single sip. He liked how, long after they were done, he could still feel his bitter taste.
A mocking laugh:
"And you are such a beast. You like it wild and rough don't you? You always take me raw."
Indeed, Yeshung didn't see the use of making sweet preparations, it was just delaying the fun. What mattered was the immediate pleasure, the sensation that he was his, and his only, right here, right now.
He looked at him, eyes full of lust, and slowly broke the distance that separated them, hoping to silence him at last with his lips.

Someone has watched the whole scene, with a mix of shock and envy.Kyuhyun startled when he felt a hand resting on his shoulders.He turned around and saw an amused Eeteuk:
"Seing your scandalized face, I believe it's the first time you catch those two in the act?"
Kyuhyun nodded, too shocked to utter an answer:
"You have to get used to it, it happens on a daily basis. Every member knows now, but as you joined us very recently, your reaction is perfectly normal. I hope you don't mind though."
The younger boy glared at him, dumbfounded:
"But Hyung, it looks so... wrong!"
Eeteuk sighed, resignation written on his face:
"Yes I know. But it's like a ritual, it's the same thing every morning. The first time Sungmin saw them, he was so shocked he wasn't able to utter a single word for a whole week. Can you imagine it, a WHOLE WEEK? But what can I say, Yeshung needs it, he's addicted, there's nothing we can do."
A moan of pleasure escaped Yeshung's mouth, drawing their attention once again to the scene.
"You'll have to wait to get your glass of milk I'm afraid.Let's give them some privacy until they're finished ok?"said the leader with a smile, going back to his room. Kyuhyun was still watching what was happening in the kitchen. He was hypnotized by the highly reprehensible acts perpetrated in the kitchen.
"I wish I was this cup of coffee though"he thought, before leaving the doorstep regretfully.

Writing it actually made me giggle, I hope I won't be the only one ^__^
And yes, coffee has a gender and it's definitely male lol
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FANFICTION CORNER: Stirring up the mud

pTitle: Stirring-up the mud
Pairing: Kangwon(Kangin/Siwon)
Rating: R for implied smut
Form: One-shot
Genre: Angst
A/N: Oh my, I don't know what to think about this. It's just that I remember having read in Miracle a fic with Kangwon and there was that beautiful angry sex scene between them which was particularly well written. I wanted to read something of the same kind and I ended writing one myself.I have no idea if it's good or even readable, as English is not my native language*sigh* Hope you''ll enjoy nevertheless^^
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Oh please, don't shoot me, I'm sorry I commited this.
I'll be delighted to read some Kangwon in the future, I'm sure many of you can do a better job with them than me^^


Title: Chapter two:"catastrophic followings" part two
Genre:pure marshmallows for your soul. I translate:this is pure fluff.
Can love be lost in translation?Read to find out!

Oh my, I complained last time because my part one was too short, but part two is almost equivalent as a whole chapter, I'm going to take a nap, I'm exhausted.Hope you'll enjoy^^

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