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12 September 2007 @ 10:41 pm
I was too tired yesterday(and probably too excited too) to make a proper report on what happened in CDG airport when I meet the DBSK, so here is a very, very long account on how I lived that day. Be prepared, it's full of awesomeness!!!
Okay, let's begin with the beginning.
It all began when my sweet dongsaeng Carolyn left me a msn message while I was out last sunday to tell me DBSK were to arrive in our beautiful country. It was 11:30 pm when I read it, and needless to say I was so excited. It really sound unreal, I mean DBSK in France? What for? You could as well as told me it was going to rain gold. But reading soompi, it seemed more and more true, until finally , pics of them boarding came and then I knew it was definitive.
So I started to get things organized: I told x_freya_x the news  on sunday but  at that time it was still dubious and she wasn't sure to come at first because her classes had started and I promised I would update her with more precise news later on. Then I asked a friend of mine who is a kind of a soulmate when it comes to fandom( we share our  KAT-TUN and Arashi love^^) if she would agree to come with me at the airport to try to meet them. What is worth mentionning is the fact thet SHE DIDN'T KNOW DBSK AT ALL. I just explained her in a rush on the phone that they were HUGE artists(and very handsome, it helped lol) and she immediately agreed to the project. I have to say I'm really thankful to her, because she went with me despite the financial cost( well the airport is rather far from Paris, the return ticket costed me 16 euros, that's quite a sum^^) and the fact she didn't know the fandom. Sophy, I love you!! but you didn't regret it, ne?!
SO, definitive news came late monday, and the flight were schedulded to land on Tuesday the 11th at 2:40pm. I was contacted at soompi by a french fellow fan, who invited me to visit the French DBSK forum( I didn't even there were a french forum for them, I only eat at soompi for Korean fandoms^^). french fans  were starting to get organized too, and after a late msn gathering monday evening, we agreed to meet at the airport at around 1:00 pm.

TUESDAY: the big day!! I was so excited I hardly got any sleep at all,and I spent my morning ironing different clothes and try them because I wanted to be at my best(how childish of me really^^). I called Sophy to tell her to bring her digital camera, and I left the house at 11:30 am to meet her in a subway station in the center of Paris at 12am(but I was already late because of all the time it took me to chose my clothes lol). I then sent Freya a sms to tell her that everything was confirmed about them coming and what their plane were due to arrive in France, and she told me she would go with us. Freya, i'm really happy you came because:

- I hadn't met you before, that was the 1st time even though we had long planned to(for our suju project lol)
-YOU TAKE THE MOST AMAZING PIC EVER!!!THAT YUNHO PIC IS JUST A PIECE OF ART!! I would marry you for the sake of this pic only^^

Freya had a very clever idea: she suggested buying red balloons to greet them, and so she did, it was a very cute idea^^
We then bought sandwiches, and took the bus for the airport.
When we arrived, some people were already waiting, approximately 8? We introduced ourselves, and it was really nice to put a face on soompi usernames. They also were a group of chinese girls, 4 or 5, and I learned later they were students from Marseille who had taken the train only to meet them in Paris. Wow, so much dedication, and they had made a banner too!!
So as time went by, the pressure began to rise. At 2:30 pm, the flight landed, and we were all waiting for them in terminal 2E. And wait we did, our hearts jumping each time the automatic doors opened, only to let out everybody except the ones we were so eager to meet. We waited until 3:30 pm(!) only to realize that the Terminal had changed: it was 2 F. Almost one hour later!! So we ran like crazy, cursing at ourselves and at the airport staff to change the terminal so randomly. No one at terminal F, so we ran (again) to terminal 2E, where someone confirmed that DBSK hadn't come out. Had they take the VIP exit? We were seriously beginning to fear that maybe we had missed them, but we decided to wait for the nest flight form Seoul, this time at Terminal 2F.
The flight landed early, 3:50pm I think instead of 4pm, and once again, our hearts began to beat like crazy. And then suddenly, some of us ran to the place when you can see people take their luggage: they were there, simply waiting. What words can I use to express the feelings I had at that precise moment? When I looked through the glass pane to see Changmin( he is so tall, It's him I clearly spotted the first), and then when I recognized Yunho, Jaejong and Yoochun? It's at that precise moment my own little ordinary universe collided with theirs I used to consider so untouchable and unreachable. Clearly, there are no words to describe that feeling. All I can tell is I had thought that if one such a thing happenned, it would be impressivelly noisy,and even messy, I mean the collision btween DBSK's realm and mine, I thought it would had been violent and almost frightening, but it was not at all like that. I was impressed that's for sure, but seeing them doing such an ordinary thing as simply fetching luggage, and looking so tired, I just understood how human they were. So now, I sure sound stupid. What I mean is, I didn't see The Gods Rising from the East, I just saw ordinary youg men who happened to achieve great thing in the music industry, and that's completely different.
So we were filming them through the glass pane and taking pics, and everybody commented on how tired they looked, obviously after a 12 hours flight. They took their luggage and played a little game of hide-and-seek with us, as they started to walk away resolutely to go to...the toilets. Ah Ah, and to think we believed they were taking some kind of VIP exit again lol
And then finally, they came out!! Needless to say screaming could be heard(not mine I swear^^).Everybody in the airport was wondering why a bunch of 20 or so girls were making such a ruckus lol .Some french people asked us, and we told them it was because of a Korean group, you should have seen their faces, their expression were priceless lol. What the heck? a Korean group? Now I think about it, trying to explain was just a lost cause. I mean I have to say, people in France are just so ethnocentrists, meaning than outside french and at best europen cultures, the others simply doesn't exist, or when they do, only in the form of prejudices and cliches. Saying you are listening to asian music, people think it's either traditional music, or the ones you can hear when you eat in chinese restaurants(old romances lol). To sum up, they looked at us like aliens lol
Back to the stars: they moved to the exit, Jae , not looking around, Yoochun;hidden behind his hoodie and cap, Changmin;tall, smiling, simply handsome, Yunho;elegant,classy,breath-taking. They was  no security at all, and when I say none, I really mean NONE. That explains all the so-close pics you can find on soompi,it was kind of disturbing, I mean I could have touch Yunho literally speaking because he was oh, so near, but it just doesn't sound right, and I was to shy anyway^^
So I have to say something: all the boys looked, and undoubtedly were tired, but Tuesday,I understood why Yunho was the leader. I'm sure he was tired too , but he was the most bright, warm of them all. Not once , he showed signs of exasperation or nervousness, he smiled at us so brightefully and genuinely. Perhaps it's the effect of admiration you could say, but although no words were said (or at least I heard none), I could sense his kindness. His attitude showed how considerate he is of fans, even though it's just 20  random girls or so. I found him simply gorgeous, tall, suave and stylish, he has a heart- melting smile, sparkling and in the meantime soft and considerate, he was dressed very stylishly and his beauty is ENTIRELY NATURAL. Trust me ladies, he has nothing to do with photoshop: THE MAN IS REAL. My favorite has always been Jae, but I may seem fickle, Yunho is my number one now I think. His attitude had been perfect all the time,and for that I'm grateful^^
Then come Changmin, my number2, because you just couldn't miss him, so tall, such a beautiful smile AND SO FREACKING GORGEOUS IT HURTS.
Next Jae: doesn't seem at ease at all, hidden behind his cap but I can't blame him, 12 hours of flight, and I understand how you can not feel at ease with fans, I was not at ease myself and I'm not even a celeb lol(come one some of them scared me^^). But no cap, no purple sweat, no blue boots (oh please Jae) can't hide his beauty, everybody sensed that, and it makes him so fragile.
Last Yoochun: too many layers boy!!Come on, share the smexiness with us...But I still love you^^
Yunho, Changmin and Yoochun signed some autographs and they went into the bus, literraly falling in their seats; Jae started to play with his DS(it seems) and we started to wave at them, they all waved back, and off they went.

Even though I wrote all those words, it's still not enough to convey the feeling. I experienced what was truely being a fan, and it was not so scary, maybe because I saw them as human, and not as deities. I mean, I used to see them as deities, they were so far above me, they were so unreal and fictional, perfect and unreachable...This airport experience brought back everything in place. I was getting slowly frustrated, fandom generates frustration anyway:you can't really know, you can't touch, you can't speak...There is alot of "can't" when you are a fan, the more when you are a fan from far away, most of us on LJ experiences that. But I saw them, young men, who were striving for their for their dreams. I saw the tiredness on their faces, the resignation and it seemed to me I saw the cost they had to pay for the amazing career they have. Of course you could say it's a nice a life, I'm sure it has its good sides, but everything comes with a price and the new reason why I admire them is because they do it with grace, joy and sincerity. They are nothing more than ordinary men, but they are accomplishing something amazing, something that few people could do, without losing their humanity. I really, sincerely, wholeheartedely  admire them for what they are achieving.
You could say I'm exagerrating, because I only got to saw them for a very limited amount of time, but really that's what I sensed from them, that's what they were emanating, at least for me.

Now I can only wish they have a nice stay, enjoying the many nice romantic places in Paris^^ In case you guys wants to know, the weather was just perfect today(Wednesday), it was bright and sunny, not too warm, not too cold, a ideal day for a photoshoot^^ I guess we will have a nice "Prince in Paris" photobook lol.
Before I leave, concerning my friend sophy who didn't know them before that fatefull 11th of September 2007, she fell in love with Yunho right away lol. A new girl to the fandom, welcome Sophy!!And thanks for being there with me^___^
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nadesico_chan: sexy Jaejoongnadesico_chan on September 13th, 2007 06:51 am (UTC)
I perfectly understant your feeling^__^ remember when I was rambling when some people managed to see Super Junior at the Hollywood Bowl? I was so pissed of. Now I believe, if they came to France when I thought it was impossible, maybe they could come to Canada? Everything seems possible now^^
Oh my Changmin... it was simply IMPOSSIBLE TO MISS HIM. He was just RADIATING, and I noticed he has a very beautiful complexion, he is so graceful^__^ Truely deserves to be your fave^^
And Yes, Sophy is now a Yunho lover, and so am I.